Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Hello fellow bloggers! This is FOOD NERD a blog spot to inspire and enhance peoples interest in food. 

A bit about myself: I LOVE FOOD!  As a food enthusiast and chefess I have been a cooker for several years now. I have studied and worked with talented chefs, cooks, and restauranteurs. 

As a person who believes that food brings togetherness and builds communities FOOD NERD is a long standing and very personal idea to me. Food is us. We are inspired, fueled, and thrive because of food. The ever-growing food industry employs millions of people in the United States alone . Even those of us that do not work directly in the industry are influenced by food and its varying  trends every day. 

It is my focus of FOOD NERD to discuss food industry news, trends, job listings, cooking methods, and recipes. 

So lets spread it all out on the table and discuss the foods that inspire us, their benefits and uses in present day and past.

This is FOOD NERD signing out :)